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Doug Woodring
Environmental problems have grown completely out of proportion in a world that is becoming increasingly polluted.  One of the ocean's greatest ambassadors, Doug Woodring of Project Kaisei, experienced his own call to action when he learned about the tremendous amount of plastic garbage in our oceans.
Click HERE to listen to the Doug Woodring interview in its entirety.
Doug established a group of like-minded individuals and researched the massive - but largely unseen and unreported - problem of plastics in our oceans. 

Doug is a creative "aquapreneur" who is also a race director of ocean swims and marathon swims and relays in Hong Kong. 

But he devotes his time and considerable talents to raise awareness - and offer solutions - to this enormous problem.  

Prepare to be both saddened and surprised...saddened by the extent of the estimated problem...and yet pleasantly surprised by Project Kaisei’s proposed solutions including the Plastic Disclosure Project and the Oceanic Big 5. 

Listen to a fellow open water swimmer and race director who is passionate about what he does to help the world. As Doug says, “This is a big wake-up call.”
Penny Lee Dean Book
Click HERE for book details.  To be released by Human Kinetics in June 2011.

See Project Kaisei in Action...

In this urgent episode of Open Water Wednesday, is pleased to present Doug Woodring.

Your host for this exclusive presentation is Steven Munatones, an International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Inductee. He has prepared open water swimming materials used by NBC, USA Swimming, the Beijing Olympic Committee, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, National Public Radio and National Geographic Magazine.

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